Pink October: care and attention that go beyond a single month

Pink October: care and attention that go beyond a single month

October is the month of the breast cancer prevention campaign, but it is important that health care continue throughout the year. The disease is one of the most common among women and the chances of a cure increase when diagnosed early on. I have listed the main steps towards prevention for this care to be extended throughout the year:

Mammography in day
Cancer prevention involves annual mammograms starting from the age of 45, along with physical examinations, often performed by the woman herself.

It is crucial that all women be familiar with the general appearance of their breasts in order to identify any symptoms of cancer.

Giving attention to Food
As for foods, those rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals are important. These nutrients are present in most garden and leafy vegetables and nuts.

Soy-based foods, such as textured protein and vegetable extract (soy milk), are key elements in preventing disease.

Besides this, it is important to avoid excesses of alcohol, saturated fat and industrialized foods in general.

Remember that a natural diet is the basis for a healthy life!

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