Day-to-day activities that burn calories

Day-to-day activities that burn calories

As part of our total energy expenditure, that is the calories our body burns every day, is that part we consume through physical activity. Nowadays we consider two main types: exercise and physical activity. The first would be organized physical activity, with a well-defined schedule and specific objectives. The second would include the daily expenditure with various daily activities, such as walking and / or climbing stairs. The regular practice of exercise is fundamental to the health of individuals. However,  involuntary physical activity is occupying increasingly more space as an important variable in our daily routine.

In our day-to-day lives, we perform some actions that demand greater energy expenditure than others, which can be used as an initial stimulus for practicing physical activity.

The National Obesity Forum in the United States recommends taking from 7 to 10 thousand steps per day as a countermeasure to the incidence of diabetes and cardiological and vascular pathologies.

But how can we register this number of steps? Well, in addition to the modern watches that already provide this resource, the Brazilian Society of Sports Medicine affirms that to reach 10 thousand steps would require a walk of about an hour and a half, or about a distance of 8 km.

So to reach that total here are some tips:

– Choose a longer route to get to the destination you’re going to;
– Go to work, the bakery, the supermarket, the pharmacy or any other place on foot or park your car further away from these places;
– Make it your preference to climb stairs, rather than take the elevator or escalator;
– Enjoy the end-of-year season to increase your walks in comercial areas, malls or outdoor parks with the family!

It is important to remember that this goal should be carried out gradually and with appropriate walking shoes.

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